Villas de Maras is strategically located in a hidden town in the middle of the Andes and near the most beautiful attractions such as the most important archaeological Incan sites, the Salt Terraces of Maras, the impressive Huaypo Lake and many others. When staying at Villas de Maras Lodge you will not only enjoy of the best views of the Sacred Valley and its glaciers but you will experience the authentic life of the Andes. We have many activities for immersion in the culture and nature of this unique paradise. Start your day kayaking at Huaypo Lake or visiting a local bread bakery. Learn about the process of growing potatoes or quinoa, participate in one of our workshops with the local children, take a weaving class by a local expert, visit and learn about the process of harvesting the salt from the mountains, or just relax and enjoy the fireplace in your private Villa.